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Features & Uses of Cogi

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Record Phone Calls Quickly and Easily

Cogi makes call recording simpler than any competing solution – letting you record phone calls using any phone… anywhere.

  • Record calls using any phone
  • No hardware needed
  • Record incoming calls
  • Advanced call recording settings
  • Automatic note taking

Business productivity uses
There are so many times in the course of a business day when it just makes sense to record phone calls to capture what was said. With Cogi on the call, you can relax knowing that we’re taking the notes so you can focus on the conversation. Here are a few examples of when recording calls makes sense:

  • Conference Calls and Team Meetings: Ok… we’ve all been there. Everyone gathers around the conference table and then details start flying. At that exact moment, there’s nothing worse than having to disengage your brain from the conversation to take notes. If you do, you can’t focus on the conversation. If you don’t, you’re likely to forget exactly what was said, or worse, what you committed to do.

    Cogi makes it easy to record a call or team meeting. Ok… it’s not like in Star Trek where you look at your computer and say “record phone call”, but it’s almost as simple. If you can push a button on a phone or click a mouse, you can use Cogi to record a phone call. After the call you can review a transcript, search, listen to important parts, and even share the call with team members so everyone stays on the same page.
  • Important Calls or Conversations: The same circumstance is true for individual calls — sometimes it’s just easier to put the pen down and listen, really listen, to what’s being said. Cogi gives you the ability to do that without the fear of forgetting the details. And there’s no steep learning curve to learn how to record calls with Cogi. Recorded calls, powered by Cogi, won’t give you superhuman memory, but you will be able to search every conversation and recall important details with the click of a mouse.

Cogi Interface to Record Phone Calls

Key features… easy to use
There are three main ways to use Cogi to record a call – from your mobile phone, from any landline phone, or using the optional desktop call recording software.

  • No hardware: You can avoid the cost, hassle, and single-phone limitations of a phone recorder device.
  • Record calls from any phone: You can use the best available phone, such as a cell phone, or if your conference room has a Polycom or other speakerphone with a high quality microphone, you can use it to get high quality recordings.
  • Record Incoming Calls: Just conference Cogi in on any call you answer to record the conversation. Click here for instructions on conferencing Cogi in on your incoming calls.
  • Record just you, both parties, or go “off the record”: Just need to capture what you say? Or want to turn recording off during part of your call, and back on later? No problem. Cogi gives you total control to change record settings whenever you want during the call. Feature controls are available by phone or by using the Cogi Software.
  • Automatic upload: When you record phone calls with Cogi, they go directly into your secure, online Cogi Portfolio. You can avoid all the hardware hassles of phone call recorders like connecting chips or cables, copying files, finding folders, attaching to emails, etc.
  • Takes notes for you: The Cogi “highlight” feature lets you transcribe exactly what you want, from one minute or one hour or more (read more…)

Even more powerful features to save time and make you more productive:

  • Also records memos and meetings (read more…)
  • Sort, browse & search and review voice memo recordings on the Cogi visual timeline with Subject and Note/Tag Annotation (read more…)
  • Easily share recordings of any length via web-link, avoiding email attachment size limits, or import as an MP3 file (read more…)

With Cogi, there’s never been an easier and more powerful way to record phone calls. It takes seconds to sign up for a free trial.

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